Lucca and Bologna, In Photos


Okay. So our internet situation has been pretty terrible since we’ve gotten to Italy. I’m not sure why; we didn’t have wifi in the little cabin outside Vergato and though apparently there were wifi spots in town, we couldn’t ever connect to them. And when we went to Bologna we couldn’t connect there either. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to keep in touch, but it was also a bit of a lesson in letting go and filling time without the computer.
But that said, it’s annoying as hell when you’re trying to update a blog. So to keep things moving along, we give you a day in Bologna and Lucca, in photos. And not even that many photos, because our connection is so slow that to upload them all would take all morning.



IMG_0558 IMG_0561

The only thing I will say is that we stumbled into the most incredible little restaurant for lunch and if you go to Bologna, you have to go there. Please tell me if you’re going to be in Bologna. I don’t at all remember how we got there, but I’ll go to great lengths to figure it out for you if you find yourself there. The menu was small but everything was so incredibly well executed and tasted so heavenly and the man who runs it is lovely and clearly took such great care in what he prepared. It was one of the best culinary experiences I’ve ever had. Another one that I’ll be thinking about long into the Canadian winter. And there are no pics of the main course; I was in such ecstasy eating it, I didn’t even have a nanosecond of a thought to take a photo.




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