Sitges, Spain


So we’ve encamped for 5 days in a sleepy little beach town about 30 minutes south of Barcelona. We rented an apartment at the last minute in Cinque Terre; I’m all for winging it when travelling (actually I’m not; I find it pretty stressful actually and I just don’t want to be stressed when I’m supposed to be on vacation) but in theory I like the idea of winging it. But we kinda got screwed on this rental. It was last minute, we were furiously trying to research the area and then book something. In a day, in broken hours on a stolen wifi signal, for the following day. This was the only place that got back to us so we took it.


Don’t get me wrong; it was cute. It was just expensive – possibly our most expensive accommodation of the trip. And, well, it’s a bit of a dump. It’s small, smells musty and the bed is TERRIBLE. The worst bed yet. Which is saying a lot, because we’ve been often (if not mostly) on terrible beds. We wake up with sore necks, bad backs, numb limbs.. it’s bad.

But the apartment had a certain charm to it, and despite it advertising wifi, laundry, on-site parking and breakfast included (this last one was a bit of a puzzler,  but hey, who am I to argue with a theoretical fruit plate?) It had none of those things. Parking was a nightmare, no laundry, no wifi and no big shocker here, but no breakfast included. But all those things aside, the beach was amazing.


We were nestled into a cute little enclave of white-washed apartments in the port area of Sitges. We were within a 5 minute walk to a beautiful beach, a 10 minute walk to another beautiful beach and a 30 minute walk to about 8 beautiful beaches. We actually really fell in love with the little town of Sitges; we weren’t staying in the main part of town, which meant it was quiet and sleepy but we were a quick jaunt away to the main part of town. Which had great little unfussy restaurants that were cheap and amazing, great little bakeries and shops even a little shop called A Taste Of Home, run by a slightly curmudgeonly little old Biritsh woman who stocked all things English including a huge selection of (mostly terrible) books. But I culled through them and was finally and happily able to re-up on my reading supply.


We had a great time. I bought a bikini (about 6 sizes larger than any bikini I’ve ever owned), Nolan got a speedo, and we both got sunburnt the first day. Yes. All this is true. Sorry that you’re now picturing Nolan in a speedo, and me with my pregnant belly in a bikini. With sunburns. But hey, we had a great time and floated in the ocean every day. And eventually the sunburn turned into a tan and Nolan fit in perfectly on the beaches of Spain. Which is filled with men in speedos. I’ll spare you the us-on-the-beach shots, but here’s a pic of my belly. So big, this belly!



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